Photo source: Gabrovo Municipality
Photo source: Gabrovo Municipality
The House of Culture – Visual Archive project aims to promote one of the architectural masterpieces of the city of Gabrovo – the House of Culture Emanuil Manolov, before its renovation. The theme unites cultural organizations and artists in the common task of creating video and photographic content that presents the unpopular interior of the popular building, paying attention to its exceptional cultural value.
The House of Culture is a distinctive building for the architecture of the town of Gabrovo, built in 1964 by arch. Karl Kandulkov. To this day, it evokes memories in several generations of residents and guests of the town, with its impressive exterior in the style of neoclassicism. Shortly before the building entered a new stage of its existence and was modernized, its interior spaces, with a characteristic appearance of its time, were photographed by Rosina Pencheva, who created a visual archive of the cultural monument.
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To promote the authentic interior, Rosina also collaborates with the established platform for music video sessions Urban Tapes. Thus, the video team shot its first session in Gabrovo, and the musicians from the legendary band OSTAVA were invited as the main characters of the production. The choice of the band is indisputable – almost 30 years ago OSTAVA started their career from the stage of the House of Culture in Gabrovo, the town where the group was founded. That's how the idea to shoot the band's iconic song London? Paris? Berlin? from the album Mono came up. The 2004 song is a favorite of OSTAVA fans, but has never, until now, been broadcast on radio and television. Urban Tapes also recorded an interview with the musicians, and both materials can be watched on the platform's channel.
Our goal is to create a new perspective and feeling for the popular urban space in Gabrovo through a combination of architectural heritage, contemporary music, video, and photography. How it can be used, what feeling it could bring, how the arts can unite and revitalize old, forgotten places and affect the audience, is the answer to our creative search – say the creators of the project.
Author and producer:
In collaboration with:
Special guest:
video concept: Samuil Petkov and Boyan Simeonov
DOP: Georgi Kazakov
sound production: Petar Zhelev and Slav Simeonov
video postproduction: Samuil Petkov
still photography: Rosina Pencheva
project communications: Milena Dimitrova
Program Culture 2021
Gabrovo Municipality
House of Culture Emanuil Manolov

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