The 65th anniversary of Paicho Ivanov, called the Father of Drummers, gathered virtuoso musicians for a concert in Plovdiv. Together with the master drummers of wedding music, masters such as Petar Ralchev (accordion) and Mladen Malakov (clarinet) took the stage.

The concert was initiated by Borislav Petrov - a drummer, composer and teacher, who for 20 years has been exploring the possibilities of presenting the beauty of Bulgarian folklore through the means of jazz. He spends much of his time exploring the roots of folk drumming styles along with the skillful bearers of the tradition and the continuity between them. One of the most exciting musicians on the instrumental folklore scene in Bulgaria are the drummers. Often, in the eyes of the audience, they are the barometer for the professional level of the orchestra.
Special thanks to Borislav Petrov
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