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The House of Culture Emanuil Manolov in Gabrovo is built in the style of neoclassicism, the author is Karl Kandulkov – architect and leader of modern Gabrovo. His work includes the most impressive urban planning solutions – the House of Humor and Satire, Aprilov-Palauzov Chitalishte (where the Drama Theater is located), the Municipality building, the monumental decoration of the bridges and entrances of the city, and a number of monuments. Kandulkov is the initiator, creator, and organizer in the realization of all this. He is the man with whom Gabrovo is justifiably proud.
Marble foyer, entrance
The House of Culture is located at 5,400 square meters and has 63 rooms. The central-eastern entrance leads into a spacious lobby, from which visitors head to the auditorium and exhibition halls. The reception rooms are tiled and the walls are lined with artificial marble. The ceilings are plaster. The hall of the Grand Stage accommodates 800 seats, which makes this hall the largest in Gabrovo. The foyers are lined with mosaic, the walls are lined with marble and the ceilings are plaster.
Doors, windows, and internal staircases are decorated with wrought iron rosettes, foyers are lined with multicoloured marble, chandeliers are brass.
Marble foyer, floor I
Auditorium (Grand Stage), floors I and II
Behind the scenes of the Grand Stage
Important moments in the history of the city are artistically interpreted in bas-reliefs and monumental murals in the Art Lobby on the second floor (in front of the entrances to the balcony of the Big Stage).
The Picture Lobby in front of the balcony of the Grand Stage, floor II
Yellow Hall, floor I
"The road to Europe exists. Personally, I do not want to walk on it… If we build our material culture – factories, agriculture, infrastructure, roads… If we change our barbaric tendencies and respect, we think civilized – then Europe alone will pass to us this time, and this will increase our self-confidence and dignity as a nation."
arch. Karl Kandulkov (1920–2007)
Green Hall, floor 1
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The text of this page is based on the exhibition Karl Kandulkov – the architect and manager of modern Gabrovo, realized by the Municipality of Gabrovo and the State Agency Archives – Department of State Archives – Gabrovo, and information from Wikipedia.​​​​​​​
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House of Culture Emanuil Manolov

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