With her project House of Culture – Visual Archive, Rosina Pencheva combines architectural heritage, contemporary music, video and photography to create a visual archive of the authentic interior of an iconic building before its renovation. The House of Culture Emanuil Manolov, situated in Rosina’s hometown of Gabrovo, was built in 1964 by the renowned architect Karl Kandulkov.

Inspired by the captivating interior photographs from the project, composer Dimitar Pentchev, who lives and works in Toronto, created a unique piece of music. The result of the collaboration of the two artists is a poetic video called Pavane for a People's House in which those photographs seem to be dancing with the beautiful music.
Pavane for a People's House / Available also on YouTube and Facebook
Dimitar Pentchev is famous in the Bulgarian theatrical society for his two nominations for Askeer as for the second one he won the award for Epic Times by Yordan Radichkov at the Pazardzhik Drama Theater.

Today, Dimitar lives in Toronto, where he works as a composer of theater and film music and as an interdisciplinary artist. He successfully continues his career as a concert pianist and is extremely sought after as a chamber musician and performer of classical and contemporary music.

The two artists – Dimitar and Rosina, have known each other since 2013 when they met in the same building object of the project – the House of Culture while working together on the play Romeo and Juliet at the Gabrovo Drama Theater. Then Dimitar returned from Canada, at the invitation of the director Petrinel Gotchev, to write the music for the play, and Rosina was so inspired by photographing their creative process that this formed the direction and subject of her documentary photography.
House of Culture — Visual Archive (2021)

Rosina Pencheva

Culture Program (2021)
Gabrovo Municipality
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