Gergana Zmiicharova is an actress who puts amazing passion and energy into her work despite all the discouraging problems in the arts and culture sector in Bulgaria. 
These very intimate portraits make visible what the theater audience is not able to see but also – is not supposed to see.
The following story quotes notes from Gergana’s rehearsal diary
I limp with my left foot;
I repeat the same thing 
over and over again 
like a broken record;
I weave braids;
I twist my feet, tangle texts;
I am being carried somewhere,
I carry someone…
I don’t know where I am.
I'm not. 
I'm not at all.
In a sense – 
I don't exist.
After twelve hour rehearsals
we're sleeping in the seats…
Scripts falling all over the place.
Sparks flying…
We’re right before premiere night!

Gergana Zmiicharova & Petrinel Gotchev
National Theater of Bulgaria
Drama Theater, Gabrovo

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