Still photography: Rosina Pencheva / Capturing Creativity
Video production: Urban Tapes
Publication: 1. Nov 2021
The legendary Bulgarian indie-rock band OSTAVA was formed in the early ’90s in Gabrovo as a student band. The photograph was taken in the Green Hall of the House of Culture Emanuil Manolov, Gabrovo.
In order to popularize the authentic interior of the architectural masterpiece – thе House of Culture of Gabrovo, Rosina Pencheva collaborates with the established platform for music video sessions Urban Tapes. Thus, the video team shot its first session in Gabrovo, and the musicians from the legendary band OSTAVA were invited as the main characters of the production. The choice of the band is indisputable – almost 30 years ago OSTAVA started their career from the stage of the House of Culture in the town where the group was founded.
That's how the idea to shoot the band's iconic song London? Paris? Berlin? from the album Mono came up. The 2004 song is a favorite of OSTAVA fans, but has never, until now, been broadcast on radio and television.
The shots were taken on the Big Stage of the House of Culture Emanuil Manolov.
The shots were taken in the space of the so-called Picture lobby on the second floor of the House of Culture Emanuil Manolov.
Behind the scenes of the music session with OSTAVA by Urban Tapes
House of Culture — Visual Archive (2021)


Rosina Pencheva

video concept: Samuil Petkov and Boyan Simeonov, DOP: Georgi Kazakov, sound production: Petar Zhelev and Slav Simeonov, video postproduction: Samuil Petkov, still photography: Rosina Pencheva

Milena Dimitrova​​​​​​​

In collaboration with:
House of Culture Emanuil Manolov, Gabrovo

Program Culture 2021
Gabrovo Municipality

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