A specialised platform that produces original and commissioned projects in the field of art, design and cultural heritage. With dedication, we do in-depth research into traditional and contemporary Bulgarian creativity, promote it and nurture its future.
 Portrait of Rosina Pencheva, author © Dobrin Kashavelov​​​​​​​
Founder of a platform for cultural projects and creative services

The platform’s creator and dynamo is Rosina Pencheva - a professional photographer with many years of experience in the field of art and culture, and ambassador of the international Homo Faber movement. Since 2013, Rosina has found her calling in lifting the curtain to a wider audience as a backstage storyteller by means of documentary photography. Today, Capturing Creativity has a solid foundation of experience in bringing together authors and institutions from all over the country for creative endeavours.
Why are we here

We strive to cultivate aesthetic taste in the general public by setting an example of impactful, masterfully executed and professionally documented activities in the field of culture and art. It is important to us that creative work receives the appreciation it deserves, and we are sincerely invested in its competent communication with the world.

How do we act

At Capturing Creativity we create a living archive of contemporary culture and promote Bulgarian cultural heritage - the old, the new and the one we ourselves create. We support emerging, established, alternative and lesser-known artists and artisans whose work’s artistic value we find undeniable. We collaborate with socially vulnerable groups and give them visibility and voice in an original and impactful way. We value the natural and sustainable and strive to be honest and genuine in everything we do.
We create and produce projects close to our hearts that we recognize as worth existing. We throw a bridge between authentic authors and welcoming institutions, mix well and let the result shine with its own light.
We offer boutique services to artists, organisations and businesses to be fully represented worldwide through a wide range of visual means of expression. Your personal needs are our starting point for creating a unified vision that is uniquely yours.

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