"New Weavers" is a musical experience with a culturally adventurous character, which took the audience to the Non-hazardous Waste Landfill and the former Textile Professional School in Gabrovo on September 30th 2023. Through music, this one-day micro-festival resonated within the spaces of the abandoned textile school in three original ways.
Detail from the former Textile Professional School in Gabrovo, 2021 © Rosina Pencheva
The musical adventure "New Weavers for Gabrovo" is a rendez-vous in the minds of a photographer capturing art before it becomes art and a musician performing concerts where there are none. For them, creating a fresh and unexpected atmosphere and experience is pivotal, serving both to reach artistic messages to more people and to embody the spirit of a cultural city.
"New Weavers for Gabrovo" is a cultural program produced and selected by Rosina Pencheva for Capturing Creativity

with co-funding by the Municipality of Gabrovo under its "Culture" Program, 2023,

the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria under its "Distribution of Performances and Concerts in the Field of Musical Art" program, 2023

and the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria under its "Restoration and Development of Private Cultural Organizations" Program, 2022.
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