Български език​​​​​​​
During the state of emergency in Bulgaria due to COVID-19, a rather severe public verdict came to light about artists and their work. The prevailing opinion was that art is something like a hobby, it’s made for entertainment and doesn't require much effort and skill.

As a photographer, I have been researching and documenting visually creative processes in the fields of crafts, performing, fine and applied arts for years. I continued to do so in the conditions of the pandemic – аn extremely difficult period for artists, in order to answer the question: can creativity be isolated?

The project “Without an Audience” includes four visual stories about creativity during the lockdown, shot from December 2020 to April 2021.

My work is a kind of visual archive about creativity during isolation and crisis, presenting the intimate moments of the work of these artists – their emotions and complete devotion at the moment of materialization of a dream, an urge to create.

As my mission, I recognize the need to take care of the audience by maintaining its interest in art, making it intimate with the artists’ work, and thus educating it in respect.
The project Without an Audience is funded by:

artist: Rosina Pencheva
photo editor: Dobrin Kashavelov
graphic design: Studio Frank
promo video: concept & realisation – Iva Gorcheva
ic & sound design – Georgi Georgiev (band member of Ostava and Homeovox)
project communications: Milena Dimitrova
media partner: Bulgaria ON ART

Main characters in the visual stories:
The team of Issun Boshi (Senju Project)
Vesela Morova (Spectrum Vocal Band)
Jacklina Jekova & Todor Georgiev (design studio Letter Collective)
Paycho and Asan Ivanovi and Ventsislav Radev (from Borislav Petrov's project – Masters of Balkan Drumming)