In February 2020, artists Jacklina Jekova and Todor Georgiev opened their own design studio and store – Letter Collective in Sofia where they could practise their activity in calligraphy, lettering, font design, visual communication and brand identity. A month later, the development of their new business was affected by the pandemic. 
Their mission is to spread the Bulgarian form of the Cyrillic alphabet (which differs from the Russian one) and strongly believe that handmade work, combined with the appropriate aesthetics, make a valuable product valuable.
The photographs show how the modern-minded designers Jacky and Todor explore letter forms through their unique approach, with respect to traditional techniques. Their boutique design solutions are in contrast with the comfort of mass consumer culture and aim to rid us of monotony.
The footage documents part of the handmade work done by the designers in March and April 2021.
Todor and Jacklina – sign painting in their studio
Production of volumetric written signs at Todor's workshop
Jacklina writing calligraphic texts at her home, experimenting with different techniques
Jacky is back in the studio to sign, stamp and frame her original works 

The exhibition of calligraphy and volume written characters of Jacklina Jekova and Todor Georgiev is on display until April in Altruist Urban Coffee

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Main characters of the photo story:
Jacklina Jekova and Todor Georgiev (design studio Letter Collective), Mathea and Locky (daughter and cat of Jacky)
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