Duration of the exhibition: April 27th, 2018 – April 7th, 2019
Humour and Satire Museum, Gabrovo
Curator: Ivo Milev
Todor Tsonev (1934-2004), known for his caricatures of Todor Zhivkov, his family and the top communist greats of our recent past, for which he lay in the cells of the State Security in 1979, now returns as an artist with all the uniqueness and diversity of what he created. The exhibition "The World According to Todor Tsonev" presents for the first time collected in one place over 400 exhibits – sculpture, drawing, graphics, painting. His series of satirical sculptures, watercolours and drawings recreate the spirit and image of our socialist past in a way never seen before and now.
Tsonev's satirical work created problems for him under communist rule, and he began to create significant volumes of political satire in his studio, which he did not show in exhibitions. When information about these works reached the official authorities, he was arrested and some of his cartoons were confiscated and kept in state investigation for almost twenty years. In 1989 an exhibition was organized in UBA Sofia of the so-called "Arrested cartoons", which to this day remains the most visited exhibition in the history of art in Bulgaria.​​​​​​​

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