Where we come from everything is a huge and endless network. Made of adverbs, expressing a relation of places, time, circumstances, manners, causes. Where we are going is nowhere but ourselves. Who remembers, forgets, forgives, takes revenge. Who are alone and together at the same time. But here… in this moment we interflow with ourselves and the others. And that’s how we live – as a network.
Making the video
Choreography & Cast: Tzvetina Matova, Yanitsa Stankeva
Director & Editor: Kostadin Ekzarov 
Director of Photography: Georgi Georgiev
Music: Theodosii Spassov & Ivan Shopov – “Anticipation”
Costumes: Seddum
Colour Grading: Milen Mladenov
Still Photographer: Rosina Pencheva
Copywriter: Mihaela Kamishev
Ekzperimental Creative House
Combine Production Company
Cinap Pictures 

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