Nonument: radio Ballet is a performance by LIGNA group (Germany) & Stephan A. Shterev (Bulgaria), music by Emiliyan Gatsov - Elbi

The art event was held in front of the Monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party at Buzludzha peak in 2019 as part of the 24th Gabrovo Biennial: Dimensions of Publicness (the Museum of Humour and Satire)
Natura Statica is a performance and installation by the artist Kopacz Kund, situated at the Maritza riverside, Plovdiv / ADATA AiR, European Capital of Culture 2019: Plovdiv
Time Runs Devilishly Deliberately Onward is a performance by Nevena Ekimova for her work which consists of five texts and five objects that share a common theme about time, past and future in the form of personal stories / group exhibition Art Start: Young artists to follow in 2019 "Tomorrow Never Dies", Goethe Institute Bulgaria
Piano is a performance and video project about pain and learning from it / artist Samah Hamdi (Egypt) revisits and shares with the audience the feeling of pain, connected to learning music, studying art, and childhood abuse / the 24th International Gabrovo Biennial, 2019 / Prize of the town of Gabrovo awarded to a promising young artist

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