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Based in Sofia, Bulgaria
As a child, Rosina Pencheva spent long hours wandering around backstage at the Mime Theatre in her hometown Gabrovo where her mom was rehearsing; as a grown-up one finds her mainly where arts and culture happen. This is mostly in Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria but parallel to it, she has covered cultural events and processes of national and international importance for the self-titled World Capital of Humour and Satire – Gabrovo, and the European Capital of Culture: Plovdiv, 2019. 
Her documentary projects put the sport light on the working versions, drafts, creative searching for form and expression. Rosina is a detective among artists – tracking a theatre director down for years, traveling to villages to find youngsters mastering old crafts, secretly snapping portraits of an actress’ dozens of stage reincarnations, entering your studio to find you staring at empty space, paint all over you. The art of capturing a transitional and unstable space – one of the artists creating new worlds – requires eternal patience, an instinct for the right moment, and wide open (blue) eyes.
Her professional interest are also in cultural heritage, art history and design. Rosina participates in workshops for cultural management and creative economy, design process and other. Since 2020 she is Michelangelo Foundation's ambassador for Sofia, Bulgaria.
2010, Visual Arts: Photography, New Bulgarian University, Sofia
2019, Kadir van Lohuizen (The Netherlands), Nikon-NOOR Academy, Sofia
• 2014, Edward Keating (USA), Sofia Photo Fest
• ​​​​​​​2016, Scott Brauer (USA), Sofia Photo Fest
• 2015
, Parallels, Central Square, Gabrovo / I Prize for Best Cultural Event of the town of Gabrovo for 2015
• 2014, Working Title, Bulgarian Month of Photography 2014, Rubber Photography Gallery, Sofia
2019, Construction Crafts of Stara Planina, with Meshtra NGO and Etar Open Air Museum, IEFEM (BAS), Sofia
• 2015, Points of View, with Petrinel Gochev and Rin Yamamura (Japan), City Art Gallery, Gabrovo
• 2020, Т
he Other Hundred Healers, Department of Journalism, Hong Kong Baptist University, China
2019, Theater in Twin Cities, Historical and Art Museum, Mytishchi, Russia
• 2019, 24th International Gabrovo Biennial, Humour and Satire Museum, Gabrovo 
• 2017, 23rd International Gabrovo Biennial, Humour and Satire Museum, Gabrovo
• 2016, BG Press Photo, III Prize for Documentary stories and photo essays, Vivacom Art Hall, Sofia
• 2015, Gaudeamus Igitur…, Antoan Bozhinov and his students, Humour and Satire Museum, Gabrovo
• 2014, PhotoAcademics, Month of Photography, Industrialna 11 Gallery, Sofia
• 2011, From Paint to Pixel, Kirkgate Theater and Arts Center, Cockermouth, England

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